Selling your home is an emotional process. Getting the asking price, and even multiple buyers, can simply depend on the time of year you sell.

Traditionally, research shows spring and summer are the “Prime Time” seasons of the year for buying and selling homes. Families tend to move during the summer when there is a break in the school year. Additionally, it’s easier to move in the warmer temperatures than in the cold winter months.

Here is a list of helpful selling tips, no matter the season:

  1. Recognize every market and every season.
  2. Secure a real estate agent.
  3. Get a Comparable Market Analysis of your home’s value.
  4. Get rid of junk and fix needed repairs.
  5. Get a home inspection.
  6. Set a price.
  7. Understand your price.
  8. Market your home.
  9. Stay informed.
  10. When an offer has been accepted your agent will assist with all of the closing details.

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